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What are these white eye bumps?


What are the white eye bumps around my eyes?

What are the bumps?

  • Fruit tray arrangementThe area around your eyes can develop closed comedones that look like white pimples. Sometimes they can even be hard to the touch.
  • Closed commedones are the result of retention of debris in the hair follicle that leads to the formation of an impaction (the white ball under the skin).
  • Commonly known as milia where an impaction in the hair follicle has hardened over the cap of the stratum corneum cells.

What causes the little white bumps?
There are many factors that cause this:

  • Comedogenic ingredients in products can cause this such as mica in eye shadow, pink, reds or blue dyes (D & C dyes), lanolin, isopropinol.
    **(See ingredient triggers)
  • Comedogenic ingredients can penetrate the hair follicle and cause irritation, which stimulates oil production.
  • Stress can trigger the pituitary glands that stimulate the adrenal glands, and results in an increased production of sebum.
    ** (See how hormones effect the skin)
  • Hormonal fluctuation can increase androgens (testosterone), which increase the oil production, and a rise in estrogen can decrease oil production.

Fruit vaseTreatment:

Maintenance is the first step. Because the area can easily become full again, with sebum and dead layers of skin with out proper professional care.

  • Have regular Professional Treatments every 4-6 weeks to loosen the sebum from the areas. ** To start you may need to have an express treatment every week to get the impactions fully emptied. Every client is different.
  • Using the correct homecare system not only for the area around your eyes but also for your entire skin.

Home Care:

  • A mild exfoliation on the effected area everyday. MILD is key.
  • Exfoliating will loosen the follicles and allow the dead dry sebum to come to the surface.
  • A cleanser that aids in tissue repair and has healing properties.
  • A moisturizer that is non-comedogenic and has a Vitamin C base, which will provide anti-aging benefits and smoothness to the skin.

How does the hair follicle work?

  • The hair follicle acts, as a wick to bring sebum & other cellular debris to the surface.
  • Closed comedones are generally associated with the sebaceous follicle lacking a thick hair or containing only a thin hair.
  • Since there is no hair to act as a wick, the sebum & dead cells are retained in the follicle & form an impaction.

What is the sebaceous gland?

  • Lemon & plumeriaThe sebaceous gland is attached to 2 types of follicle; hair & sebaceous follicle.
  • The structure is directly under the influence of testosterone; a hormonal influence can increase sebum production.
  • It involves the action of an enzyme on testosterone to finally produce dihydro testosterone that speeds up sebum production and activity of this gland.
  • It has a thicker consistency, higher levels of Squalane and wax esters with lower levels of free fatty acids and linoleic acids

What is retention hyperkeratosis?

  • Retention Hyperkeratosis is the retention of dead skin cells & proliferation of additional cells in the follicle.
  • The stratum corneum is a layer of tightly packed dead skin cells that form the outermost part of the skin & also extends down into the follicle.
  • One cell layer falls off each day when we are young it takes longer as we age, and is replaced from another down below.
  • As with the closed comedones around the eyes there is an overproduction of dead skin cells sticking together with the sebum.
  • These cells are retained in the follicle and on the surface of the skin.

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